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Day Trading Newsfeeds

Kathy?s Vacation PicturesI’m back from the cruise, ready for some action in the markets. Here are some of my vacation pictures =)

US Economy: Changes Since Last FOMC MeetingAs we speak, the Federal Reserve is convening to discuss monetary policy. No changes are expected to be made but as usual, investors will be combing the FOMC statement carefully for clues on the central bank’s outlook for the U.S. economy. The following table shows how the U.S. economy has changed since the last [...]

Vietnam More Credit Worthy than Portugal and Spain?You may have read that European bond spreads have widenend to record levels but how bad is that really? To put everything into perspective, investors are demanding more premium to lend to Ireland, Portugal and Spain than to emerging countries in Europe and Asia. To be more specific, these 3 European countries that [...]

Update on Bearish EUR, AUD and CAD CallsI have received alot of notes on my bearish AUD, EUR and CAD calls, so here is a quick update. If you missed the call, I’ve copied all the info below. Updates in RED. 1) Short EUR - Looking good. Would be smart to take off half here, still looking for [...]

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Fibonacci Video Fibonacci Video

Duration: 04:40

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