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SFTCv5 Champion Trades Live On Facebook

Would you like to see how a Forex competition champion trades? Last week, the 1st place winner of the last competition has opened up a fan page on Facebook so she can share her signals and trading insights with people on the network. And for those who may be skeptical or haven’t seen her system in action, she recorded a LIVE trade video sample right here, check it out:

The trade was based on her unique Scientific Forex Trading System (coming soon), which has earned her 161.12 % in a month of live trading and the title of SFTC v5 champion. Her name is Cristina and she has a teaching background, a degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Audit of Financial Institutions. The best part is that she is willing help any trader solve problems and questions related to Forex trading, all on Facebook!

Check it out, become a fan and keep up to date with the signals and trading information via the following link:

Happy trading!

P.S. Cristina will be capturing her live trades on video to share with us as well, check out her YouTube channel here:

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