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Commodities Futures Trading

  • Precious Metals and the Dollarís Next Big Move *NEW*

    There is a potentially big setup in precious metals sector along with the dollar which looks like its about to unfold. Since mid-October of last year gold started to show signs of distribution selling. Only a month later in November silver started warning us that some big players were taking some profits off the table also. Distribution selling is easy to spot on the charts. In short you will see heavy volume selling accompanied with strong moves to the downside.Read this Commodities Article>>

  • How to Find Bottoms for the SP500, Dow, Nasdaq and Russell 2K *NEW*
    It was a great first week in the market for 2011. Volume picked up as traders slowly return from holidays focusing on the markets again. Looking forward volume should continue to expand because there will be more traders in front of their terminals excited to see what type of money they can make in 2011.
    Read this Commodities Article>>

  • Day Trading: Risk Averse need not Apply *NEW*
    In latter August I penned a forecast for my subscribers to TMTF on Silver, and below is a brief excerpt from August 31st:

    I believe Silver is about to stage a pretty large advance based loosely on the Elliott Wave pattern I see unfolding after a 9 odd month consolidation.
    Read this Commodities Article>>

  • Day Trading: Risk Averse need not Apply *NEW*
    Traders are often lured to into the futures markets with a fascination for day trading.  The thought of trading leveraged contracts without overnight risk is appealing to many, but underestimated by most. 
    Read this Commodities Article>>

  • Can Lumber be as Good as Gold? *NEW*
    By now many of you are probably getting tired of my persistent forecasts that lumber prices are bottoming and that the market is soon likely to begin a major new bull market.
    Read this Commodities Article>>
  • The Ultimate Trade Setup
    Commodities Futures Trading - Markets move between low volatility trading range moves
    To high Volatility trend moves One of the best ways to see this taking place is with the Bollinger Bands When a market makes a extremely narrow range move
    The Bollinger Bands will noticably narrow together.

    Read this Commodities Article>>




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