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Forex and Foreign Exchange Trading Articles

  • New Home Sales and the Forex Market
    Forex market investments are tightly connected to the economic health of the economy. This part of the Forex market equation that assesses macroeconomic data is termed fundamental analysis, which plays a huge part in Forex market investment strategy.
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  • Pivot Point
    You are going to love this lesson. Using pivot points as a trading strategy has been around for a long time and was originally used by floor traders. This was a nice simple way for floor traders to have some idea of where the market was heading during the course of the day with only a few simple calculations.
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  • Trading with Strategy
    Trading successfully is by no means a simple matter. It requires time, market knowledge and market understanding and a large amount of self restraint. As market professionals, we can however point the novice in the right direction and indicate what are correct trading tactics and considerations and what is total nonsense.
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  • Detailed Gbp/$ Forex Analysis 22nd June
    In Tuesdays profit warning update I described what was happening on the cable (gbp/$ ) chart above and tried to show you areas to look at for possible reversal areas on a forex pair.
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  • Trade Forex Profitably
    In this article Avi will teach exclusive tips and tricks you
    can use for day trading the forex market. Learn how to use time of day, individual volatility, currency "personality”, time frame, liquidity, and news announcements to boost your day trading to new profit levels.

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  • Forex 1-2-3 Method
    This particular technique has been around for a long time and I first saw it used in the futures market. Since then I have seen traders using it on just about every market and when applied well, can give amazingly accurate entry levels.
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  • Different Type of Moving Average Cross
    Virtually every trader has dabbled with or experimented with some sort of moving average. What I want to introduce you to in this lesson is a different sort of moving average cross method, which I have found to be very good at identifying short term trend changes.
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