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Mental Trading Articles

  • Remove Emotions from your Day Trading - Day trading in the Forex market can be both stimulating and stressful. With trading of currencies occurring in such short time spans in this type of trading strategy, you have to keep on the ball at all times - otherwise, you'll end up losing more than you make. Read more...

  • Disgruntled Trading - You have been faithfully following your trading plan and the rules you've set for trading. By following them you are now in a trade that doesn't look so good. At the same time, by following your trading plan, you see that you've missed a beautiful move in a different market, one that could have made you a lot of money. Read more...

  • The Mastery Of Self - When it comes to Mental Trading or behavioral trading, most of what we have learnt to date and the beliefs that we have formed about success are inappropriate.
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