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Money & Financial Management Articles

  • The Unemployment Rate and Investment Markets -
    If you pick-up almost any business journal, you’ll see a reference to the monthly unemployment rate. This number is almost as ubiquitous as the monthly GDP figures or the monthly housing price percentage decreases or increases that are plastered all over the news.

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  • Some Practical Thoughts About Money Management -
    We get a lot of questions about various complex money management (MM) formulas and our preferences. Here are some basic thoughts and opinions that might be helpful in picking a suitable money management strategy that will help you to become a winner.

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  • Thoughts on Managing Money - We often hear from students by letter, telephone, and in person at seminars, that they greatly desire to trade managed money.At the opposite end of the spectrum, we also hear from students who want money managed for them. In either case, the experience can be gut wrenching.This chapter should serve as a warning and a caution to both. Since your author has at one time or another engaged in managing money for others, I base what I have to say here on my own experiences and, if it please the reader, this may be entitled "Confessions of a Trader."

  • Forex Money Management - Many of you are asking me to explain forex money management. Managing your money is THE most important part of forex. If you have none left you canít be a forex trader ! Eric sent me this, so I will use his figures to show you how I would manage his account;




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