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Swing Trading Articles

  • Chart Patterns
    - Turtle Soup Plus One
    *NEW* - The aim of the pattern is to profit from false breakouts. When the trend is strong, the reversal will not be long. However, sometimes reversals can be quite
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  • Building a Better Mousetrap;
    On Balance Volume
    - It has been said that if price were a train, then volume would be the steam that makes it go. That is to say, the pressure of the steam must change before the train speeds up or slows down.
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  • Capitalization - Today we are going to talk more about money management principles, specifically capitalization. You don’t see this discussed very often, which surprises me because I am frequently asked, “how much should I trade with?” or “how much should I invest?”
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  • Position Size - Position sizing is a simple, effective trading strategy to maximize profits. Even with a great trading system, if you don't manage your money properly, you're just polishing the brass handles of a sinking ship. Yes, even if you have a great strategy, poor position sizing will run your ship into the rocks.
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  • Dont Neglect The Basics - Yes the importance of a trading diary should not be underestimated. Some, I am sure will after noting the first sentence of this article, move on to what they believe is a more interesting or more complicated aspect of trading. This would be a mistake though, unless they already have an efficient trading diary and are using it.
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