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Technical Analysis Articles

  • What is Technical Analysis Charting or technical analysis is the use of numerical series generated by market activity, such as price and volume traded, to predict future trends in that market. The techniques can be applied to any market with a comprehensive price history.
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  • Why Point & Figure Charts? - Point & Figure (P&F) charts are one of the simplest and clearest ways to determining the best time to buy and sell shares. The P&F system represents one of the oldest approaches to share market trading. This method takes the technical analysts approach while monitoring supply and demand for each share. And the charts are designed for long-term trading so that the time and cost of trading shares is minimal.
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  • Chart Patterns to Avoid: Climax Top Off a Parabolic Move
    This pattern occurs when a stock rises very quickly out of a base and gets overextended. Stocks in a Parabolic Move can double or triple in value in a very short period of time (usually less than two weeks). As an investor you certainly don't want to be one of the last passengers on the train and get quickly thrown off.

  • Hey Joe! Is there a difference between chart analysis and Technical Analysis? - In my opinion there is. I am surprised at how many traders lump charting together with technical indicators into a category they call "Technical Analysis". I am often accused of being a technical analyst, because I am not a fundamental analyst. In the past, I've often carelessly, and without much thought, allowed myself to accept the general view that if you are not a fundamentals trader, you must be a technical trader.
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